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2013/3/11 The KIM DAE HWAN MEMORIAL DAY will be broadcasted on NHK BS1 "Hot—Asia" 12 March by Mr. OKURA Shonosuke's report. It will start from 5:00 p.m. on 12 March, Tue.

2013/3/3 The 9th KIM DAE HWAN MEMORIAL DAY, 2013
The artist of South Korea and Japan is having cultural exchanges deeply on March 1. This is very meaningful thing.

2013/2/22 Music and Butoh Performance of "TOMOE SHIZUNE & HAKUTOBO" at 9th MEMORIAL DAY of KIM DAE HWAN in Korea on 1st March 2013 @Japanese/EnglishbKorean
2013/1/1 HAPPY NEW YEAR. Best Wishes to You.

The Shibiu International Theatre Festival 2012, 19th Edition, Roania/Solo Butoh Dance from Japan
“KANZAN - From Renyo-sho -Far from the Lotus-”
Choreograpy, Direction, Composed; TOMOE SHIZUNE
Premire Dancer“Maihime”of Butoh; KAGAYA SANAE
2012/3/1 The special web site of "Landscape on the Way to Sleep" is opended.
2012/2/2 The article is published "Art music DVD will release in Japan and Korea" in bunkatsushin (in Japanese)
2012/1/17 The article is published "Revived jointly by Korea and Japan, "The Legend of percussion," Kim Dae Hwan" in Munhwa (in Korean)
2012/1/4 The article is published "DVD mixes artistic talents of Korean, Japanese" in Korea Herald (in Koreanj
2011/12/23 KAGAYA Sanae has appeared Gugak FM Broadcasting program "Arirang" in Korea.
In the program the DVD work "LANDSCAPE ON THE WAY TO SLEEP" was introduced. It will be released in March 1st.
2011/12/23 The review has published in Nishitama Press
"The Butoh group has performed at Use of Outside Personnel Lecture in Tokyo Metropolitan Itsukaichi evening high school"
2011/12/20 Chiba Prefecture Public School for the Deaf, Special experience Class
Butoh Performance and workshop. Lecturer: KAGAYA, Sanae
2011/12/13 Tokyo Metropolitan Itsukaichi evening high school, The Lecture titled Use of Outside Personnel.
"Learning a future plan of mine from working people" Lecturer: KAGAYA, Sanae
2011/10/15 Special Lecture "Theater and the Body" in Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music
2011/6/14 Supporting Volunteer actvity of disaster for Ofunato and Rikuzentakada
2011/3/15 Uploaded the radio program KAGAYA Sanae appeared to the download website "Radio Days" (in japanese)
2011/3/6 KAGAYA Sanae, Butoh dancer had appeared the radio broadcast program "RadioDays-Let's meet at Radio Town" (in japanese)
20011/1/1@Essence of Butoh (in japanese)
2010/11/5 ITI / UNESCO Presents
An Intensive Course for "JAPANESE THEATRE AND CULTUR" in Romania
20010/9/11@"RENYO" Collaboration with Kenji Kobayashi
2010/8/13 Expression of the Body and Improvisation (in japanese)
2010/7/4 Collaboration with Poetry reading and Butoh (in japanese)
2010/6/1 Mourning to Mr. Kazuo Ohno -The Road of Butoh
2010/5/16 Directing Techniques ingTomoe Butoh Method" at Opera National de Paris
2010/4/13, 14 "Zhu Wen Elopes with the Ghost" put on Opera National de Paris

- Published "Face of Butoh" (author: Asai Shoko, Kagaya Sanae, Tomoe Shizune) in Journal of Japanese Academy of Facial Studies Vol.9.

2009/5/19 Improvisational music and butoh, TOMOE Method of Collaboration 3 (in japanese)
2009/5/19 Collaboration System enjoying by everyone (in japanese)
2009/3/21 Appeared in "Hakumon Sagisoh charity concert" with members of Ohara Welfare Work Center.
PLACE: Komaba Eminence
2009/1/15 Improvisational music and Butoh, TOMOE Method of Collaboration (in japanese)
2009/1/15 Improvisational music and Butoh, TOMOE Method of Collaboration 2 (in japanese)
2009/1/7@Report, "Gentle JIZO" (in japanese)
2008/12/7 Appear in "Fureai Festa" in Setagaya-City with members of Ohara Welfare Work Center and TOMOE SHIZUNE & HAKUTOBO. (japanese only)
2008/9/27@"Autumn Festival of Ohara - LIFE, Sazae san in Okinawa" collaboration with people with intellectual disabilities and TOMOE SHIZUNE & HAKUTOBO. (japanese only)
2008/2/20@Visiting Performance in Tamagawa Fukushi Sagyosho by Satahiko Irisawa@(japanese only)
2008/1/1@Look of The Wind@Poem: Tomoe Shizune (japanese only)
2007/12/18, 19@Workshop in the class of Physical Theater in Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music. Adjunct Instructor: Sanae Kagaya
2007/11/21@Visiting Performance in Umenoki-en
2007/10/18@Visiting Performance in Shimouma Fukushi Kobo
2007/9/20@Visiting Performance in Shiraume Fukushi Sayosho and Matsubara Fukushi Sagyosho by Satahiko Irisawa (japanese only)
2007/7/4 Visiting Proformance in Ohara Fukushi Sagyosho by Satahiko Irisawa (japanese only)
2007/4/15 It received the 5th Taishin Arts Award in 2007. (japanese only)
January 1st, 2007 UPDATE
Celebrate Mr. Kazuo Ohno's centenarian birthday@
Interview with Mr. Yoshito Ohno
Interviewer: Sanae Kagaya, Representative of Hijikata Tatsumi Butoh Kan
>> To Interview of Mr. Yoshito Ohne (japanese only)

2006/12/31@Artists in Nankuan Opera by Tomoe Shizune (japanese only)

2006/12/23,25 Visiting Performance in Day Service Center Nagoyaka Shinjuku-gyoen by Satahiko Irisawa (japanese only)
2006/11/23`26 Nankuan Opera "Zhu Wen Elopes with the Ghost" performed at International Experimantal Theater in Taiwan, Tomoe Shizune work on direction and choreograph.
2006/9/15 Butoh Workshop in TaiwanF written by TOMOE SHIZUNE (japanese only)
2006/7/15 Atelier of Mr. YOOK KEUN BYUNG (japanese only)
2006/7/18`8/8@Workshop in Taiwan (japanese only)
2006/2/9`19@Workshop in Taiwan and performed "Telepresence Vol.22" (japanese only)
Forum of the citizen of the earth "The school of the world"@Sopprting exhibition of photograph (japanese only)
Established "Hijikata Tatsumi Butoh Kan"

For compilation of the Hijikata Butoh and method, treated as unique and secret.
Representative: Kagaya Sanae
Founder: Ohno Yoshito, Tomoe Shizune, Ashikawa Yoko

2005/10/28@The Series of Visiting the School Vol.7 Butoh Performance and Workshop with all the pupils of our school in Ofusa Elementary School of Yokoshiba town-run school
2005/10@Appeared in the Music Video of "YUKITO", artist belong to LEMONed label
2005/5/16@UPDATE Readings
READING(Japanese only)"Nan Kuan Opera", "X JAPAN hide".
2005/1/1@UPDATE Movies and Readings
Movie:Collaboration with Mr. Akira Sakata and Yoshinori Kohno

2004/12/16@The Series of Visiting the School Vol.6 (japanese only)
Butoh Performanec and Workshop with 5th grade of Maruyama Elementary School of Nakano
2004/8/2@Appeared in "The Day of Butoh" Yoshito Ohno, Students of Kazuo Ohno Butoh School, Sanae Kagaya
2004/7/14@The Series of Visiting the School Vol.5 (japanese only)
Butoh Perormance and Workshop in
the deaf school of Akita pre.
2004/6/16@The Series of Visiting the School Vol.4
"Exchange the mind and body, through the body expression and Butoh" Lecturer: Sanae Kagaya
The Momoi third Elementary School in Suginami
2004/5/7@The Series of Visiting the School Vol.3@
The deaf school "HY VONG1" in Vietnum
2004/4/3`29@ sixth anniversary of hide's death Memorial Project hide FILM GIG TOUR
Appearing by Visuak Image Art Theatre in Yokosuka, Tokyo International Forum, etc.
2004/5/2 hide Memorial Day 7th Aniversary in hide Museum
¨ Go to the activities with hide (japanese only)
2004/3/6`3/14 AFGHAN WEEK 2@Photo exhibition of the children of Aschiana@
Exbition of pictures of the war drawing by children and photograph
2004/3/12 AFGHAN WEEK 2@Live by charity @Sanae Kagaya(Butoh), etc.

2003/11/9@Butoh performance by Sanae Kagaya in the school of seed of Vandana Shiva in India
¨Access to the message from Vandana Shiva
2003/11/11@Collaboration with Vidya Rao(v) and Sanae Kagaya (japanese only)
2003/10/28`12/21@Exhibit from collection to "journey - 10 Lesson to be in Somewhere not here" in National Modern Art Museun
2003/8/29@hide musium MLJ, appear in pre-night event
2003/7/1@Publisk the Video "TOMOE BUTOH METHOD" for members
2003/7@performance in "Tama second nursery home" (japanese only)
2003/6@"Kuma Onna", streaming by Kadokawa
Appearing: UZUMIiTomor Shizune & Hakutobo) Go to Kadokawa horror Cinema Official site
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