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TOMOE SHIZUNE and HAKUTOBO was organized in 1986 under TOMOE SHIZUNE. TOMOE SHIZUNE inherited Butoh of HIJIKATA TATSUMI and established the TOMOE-HIJIKATA method. He work on choreograph, music compose and stage art for the company. The conpany have many performance in the world.

In 1994 their performance at the Joyce Theater, New York, was commented "Beyond Butoh" in the New York Times. As this indicates, this particular performance won a very high reputation as a dance to transmit basic dance beyond the boundary of conventional categories.
In 1994 the compant invited to Adelaide Festival, Australia.
"Tomoe Shizune and Hakutobo rely on a simple setting and selective lighting to project the essence of their art through the medium of the performers themselves. It is the most thought-provoking and absorbing butoh presentation I have seen in Australia." (By Jill Sykes, The Sydney Morning Herald)

In 1996 invited to the official program of Edinburgh International Festival,
"quite possibly the finest collection I have ever seen."(Financial Times). "This 50th Festival will surely deservedly by remembered for the first Japanese presentation the stunning Butoh of TOMOE SHIZUNE." (Scotsman)

Guest appeared "Madame Butterfly" in the Opera de Lyon and "Magic Flute" in NHK Opera.
With Jazz Biennale Musiques en Scene 2002 (Lyon) The many kinds artists of the many kinds genres of 150 people or more keep being done the collaboration regardless of the inside and outside the country, Having workshop in Harvard University, New York University, many University in some country.

And we have developed the volunteer performance and workshop at deaf school or elementary school. A volunteer performance to the children whom Afghanistan suffered from aiming at the possibility of Butoh opened more.

Art Music DVD "Landscape on the Way to Sleep" has released on 1st March, 2012.


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