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  2019 年賀状
Last update:1 Jan, 2019
2018.12.31 Endless journey to Butoh method creation Written by ASHIKAWA YOKO (in Japanese) new!
2018.10.2 CD "Water Breads on the Lotus Leaves" released new!

2017.1.1 2017 Greeting


ART MUSIC DVD "Landscape on the Way to Sleep" Mythology of Wind and Love
TOMOE SHIZUNE and Yook Keun Byung

2015.4.1 Beyond 10 year, the 11th Kim Dae Hwan Memorial Day (in Japanese)
2015.1.1 2015 Greeting

2014.4.11 Story of a Single Tree Written by AMANO UZUMI (in Japanese)
2014.4.11 Released Movie Collection of TOMOE SHIZUNE

2014.3.18 The 10th Kim Dae Hwan Memorial Day, 2014 (in Japanese)

2014.3.18 Blues Harp (in Japanese)

2014.1.1 Butoh Written by ASHIKAWA YOKO (in Japanese)

2014.1.1 Greetings for the new year


You can choose the class from Experience course, Choreography course, General course including sound, lighting and stage art.
Vandana Shiva Interview with Vandana Shiva---PLAY
Vandana Shiva is physicist, philosopher and activist in India that grapples with environmental resource problem. KAGAYA Sanae performs the butoh at her "School of the seed".
Makigami Koicihi Peace art festival
Makigami Koicihi (Vocal), Kagaya Sanae (Butoh)--PLAY
Morisa Fenley INTERVIEW of Morisa Fenley(Modern Dance)--Coming soon!
Butoh & Modern dance
Asian Collabolation

Live:Asian Collabolation(Japan-Korea)--Coming soon!
YOOK KEUN-BYUNG: art / KIM DAE HWAN: percussion
TOMOE SHIZUNE:Choreographer, Music, Butoh


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