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2010/8/13 Expression of the Body and Improvisation (in japanese)
2010/7/4 Collaboration with Poetry reading and Butoh (in japanese)
2010/6/1 Mourning to Mr. Kazuo Ohno -The Road of Butoh
2010/5/16 Directing Techniques ingTomoe Butoh Method" at Opera National de Paris
2010/4/13, 14 "Zhu Wen Elopes with the Ghost" put on Opera National de Paris

- Published "Face of Butoh" (author: Asai Shoko, Kagaya Sanae, Tomoe Shizune) in Journal of Japanese Academy of Facial Studies Vol.9.

2009/5/19 Improvisational music and butoh, TOMOE Method of Collaboration 3 (in japanese)
2009/5/19 Collaboration System enjoying by everyone (in japanese)
2009/3/21 Appeared in "Hakumon Sagisoh charity concert" with members of Ohara Welfare Work Center.
PLACE: Komaba Eminence
2009/1/15 Improvisational music and Butoh, TOMOE Method of Collaboration (in japanese)
2009/1/15 Improvisational music and Butoh, TOMOE Method of Collaboration 2 (in japanese)
2009/1/7@Report, "Gentle JIZO" (in japanese)
2008/12/7 Appear in "Fureai Festa" in Setagaya-City with members of Ohara Welfare Work Center and TOMOE SHIZUNE & HAKUTOBO. (japanese only)
2008/9/27@"Autumn Festival of Ohara - LIFE, Sazae san in Okinawa" collaboration with people with intellectual disabilities and TOMOE SHIZUNE & HAKUTOBO. (japanese only)
2008/2/20@Visiting Performance in Tamagawa Fukushi Sagyosho by Satahiko Irisawa@(japanese only)
2008/1/1@Look of The Wind@Poem: Tomoe Shizune (japanese only)
2007/12/18, 19@Workshop in the class of Physical Theater in Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music. Adjunct Instructor: Sanae Kagaya
2007/11/21@Visiting Performance in Umenoki-en
2007/10/18@Visiting Performance in Shimouma Fukushi Kobo
2007/9/20@Visiting Performance in Shiraume Fukushi Sayosho and Matsubara Fukushi Sagyosho by Satahiko Irisawa (japanese only)
2007/7/4 Visiting Proformance in Ohara Fukushi Sagyosho by Satahiko Irisawa (japanese only)
2007/4/15 It received the 5th Taishin Arts Award in 2007. (japanese only)
January 1st, 2007 UPDATE
Celebrate Mr. Kazuo Ohno's centenarian birthday@
Interview with Mr. Yoshito Ohno
Interviewer: Sanae Kagaya, Representative of Hijikata Tatsumi Butoh Kan
>> To Interview of Mr. Yoshito Ohne (japanese only)

2006/12/31@Artists in Nankuan Opera by Tomoe Shizune (japanese only)

2006/12/23,25 Visiting Performance in Day Service Center Nagoyaka Shinjuku-gyoen by Satahiko Irisawa (japanese only)
2006/11/23`26 Nankuan Opera "Zhu Wen Elopes with the Ghost" performed at International Experimantal Theater in Taiwan, Tomoe Shizune work on direction and choreograph.
2006/9/15 Butoh Workshop in TaiwanF written by TOMOE SHIZUNE (japanese only)
2006/7/15 Atelier of Mr. YOOK KEUN BYUNG (japanese only)
2006/7/18`8/8@Workshop in Taiwan (japanese only)
2006/2/9`19@Workshop in Taiwan and performed "Telepresence Vol.22" (japanese only)
Forum of the citizen of the earth "The school of the world"@Sopprting exhibition of photograph (japanese only)
Established "Hijikata Tatsumi Butoh Kan"

For compilation of the Hijikata Butoh and method, treated as unique and secret.
Representative: Kagaya Sanae
Founder: Ohno Yoshito, Tomoe Shizune, Ashikawa Yoko

2005/10/28@The Series of Visiting the School Vol.7 Butoh Performance and Workshop with all the pupils of our school in Ofusa Elementary School of Yokoshiba town-run school
2005/10@Appeared in the Music Video of "YUKITO", artist belong to LEMONed label
2005/5/16@UPDATE Readings
READING(Japanese only)"Nan Kuan Opera", "X JAPAN hide".
2005/1/1@UPDATE Movies and Readings
Movie:Collaboration with Mr. Akira Sakata and Yoshinori Kohno

2004/12/16@The Series of Visiting the School Vol.6 (japanese only)
Butoh Performanec and Workshop with 5th grade of Maruyama Elementary School of Nakano
2004/8/2@Appeared in "The Day of Butoh" Yoshito Ohno, Students of Kazuo Ohno Butoh School, Sanae Kagaya
2004/7/14@The Series of Visiting the School Vol.5 (japanese only)
Butoh Perormance and Workshop in
the deaf school of Akita pre.
2004/6/16@The Series of Visiting the School Vol.4
"Exchange the mind and body, through the body expression and Butoh" Lecturer: Sanae Kagaya
The Momoi third Elementary School in Suginami
2004/5/7@The Series of Visiting the School Vol.3@
The deaf school "HY VONG1" in Vietnum
2004/4/3`29@ sixth anniversary of hide's death Memorial Project hide FILM GIG TOUR
Appearing by Visuak Image Art Theatre in Yokosuka, Tokyo International Forum, etc.
2004/5/2 hide Memorial Day 7th Aniversary in hide Museum
¨ Go to the activities with hide (japanese only)
2004/3/6`3/14 AFGHAN WEEK 2@Photo exhibition of the children of Aschiana@
Exbition of pictures of the war drawing by children and photograph
2004/3/12 AFGHAN WEEK 2@Live by charity @Sanae Kagaya(Butoh), etc.

2003/11/9@Butoh performance by Sanae Kagaya in the school of seed of Vandana Shiva in India
¨Access to the message from Vandana Shiva
2003/11/11@Collaboration with Vidya Rao(v) and Sanae Kagaya (japanese only)
2003/10/28`12/21@Exhibit from collection to "journey - 10 Lesson to be in Somewhere not here" in National Modern Art Museun
2003/8/29@hide musium MLJ, appear in pre-night event
2003/7/1@Publisk the Video "TOMOE BUTOH METHOD" for members
2003/7@performance in "Tama second nursery home" (japanese only)
2003/6@"Kuma Onna", streaming by Kadokawa
Appearing: UZUMIiTomor Shizune & Hakutobo) Go to Kadokawa horror Cinema Official site
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